There are many devices and accessories that can improve your pelvic health and comfort. The following items are all available for purchase in our clinic. Stop by to ask questions or browse the selection.



überlube Luxury Lubricant

  • High-end luxury lubricant
  • Instead of just being slippery, Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction
  • Überlube feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you’re using it
  • When Überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky

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Squatty Potty®


Squatty Potty® is the original toilet stool that helps you squat to poop. Squatting unkinks the colon making elimination faster and easier. The Squatty Potty delivers fast, easy elimination with comfort and convenience.

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Squatty Potty Sold Here

StepFree™ Vaginal Weights


StepFree™ vaginal weights for pelvic muscle exercise. If done correctly and consistently, these exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Exercises are done in 15-minute segments, twice a day. You can even go about your normal daily activities while you use these kegel weights!

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StepFree™ Vaginal Weights

Conni Bed Pad


The Conni Mate Bed Pad is suitable for…

Adult incontinence, excessive perspiration or child bedwetting and Potty Training.

Waterproof Absorbent Conni Mate Bed Pads.

Keeps you dry and comfortable. Eliminates complete bedding changes. Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

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Conni Bed Pad Available at Pelican Health

Conni Chairpad Small


The Conni Chair Pad absorbs fluid, protecting your furniture, wheelchair, and car.

It is suitable for adult incontinence and child potty training.

The chair pad is washable and reusable. Simply wash in the washing machine and tumble dry on a low heat or line dry.

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Conni Chairpad Small Available at Pelican Health



Supports Urinary Tract Health

Source Naturals D-Mannose supports the health of the entire urinary tract: the urethra, bladder, ureter, renal pelvis, and the renal parenchyma.

500 mg, 60 capsules

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Source Naturals D-Mannose Available at Pelican Health

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