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Did You Know...
It's never "normal" to leak.
We Can Help.


Did You Know...
1 in 3 Americans have bladder leaks.
You are NOT alone.

Let us help.


Did You Know...
25% of school-age children have
bowel and bladder dysfunction.

We can help.


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Our Mission

To provide patients with comprehensive pelvic and bladder care through education, research, advocacy and management, all the while poised with exceptional customer service.

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Telehealth Appointments Now Available

  • Covered by insurance
  • Appointments can be conducted on your computer or smart phone
  • Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home

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I was at my wits end, had two bladder surgeries, not to mention all the treatments that did not help: then I heard about Pelican Health, and it has been a life-changer.


The Pelican staff demonstrated patience and professionalism, but most of all, kindness.

I wish I had been referred to Pelican before surgery.

Both my husband and I thank Pelican Health. I have NO bladder problems since our visit. Life is good again.


Keeping the fear of “accidents” all to myself has been hard. I’m sure glad I told Pelican about my secret.


Best decision that I’ve made in a long time was to go to Pelican.

I received great explanations before procedures and surgery. They made me feel very comfortable.