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“Incontinence” and Other Words Women Fear

As if pregnancy and menopause weren’t enough fun for women, there are a special set of challenges that are associated with the pelvic floor.

As women age, gravity, childbirth and the loss of estrogen do a number on our delicate lady parts.

Many of these challenges are hidden, secret and often times not discussed for years, even with our healthcare practitioners.

But, that avoidance needs to STOP.

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Pelvic Floor Puzzle








About RhondaNP and the Pelvic Floor Puzzle:

Find balance and regain control with natural solutions to live the life you love. 

Our mission is simple – we help you navigate the physical and emotional roller-coaster ride of menopause. RhondaNP is a woman-owned business founded by two sisters-in-law who both believe in helping women.

We provide support, guidance, and real solutions through education, premium products, and programs. We will meet you with our compassion, decades of real world experience and deep respect. We believe that the current healthcare system fails women during this time. It’s complicated and you deserve more.

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